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  The Performance of GoWin!The Football Forecaster Program  

Where accuracy matters! Historical results of GoWin! Software.


High Performance Soccer Prediction Software

Brilliant Accuracy

Very High Rate of Winning Tips

Accurate Predictions to Make You a Winner


The best football betting tips you can ever get.
Backed by more than 10 years of continuous improvement.

Very high hit rate! Over 70% long-term default accuracy! Unbeaten by other software! Never reached by other people! Tweaked on over 1 million matches!

Comfortable profit possible even just by using the default settings of the prediction engine: the historical results are exactly as they were generated by the program before the match start time, using the default settings.

You still can get significant improvements by using Manual Fine-tune options and by changing the contrast (i.e. the number of doubles and triples).

The program also offers a wide range of statistics and essential data that provide a great way to effectively refine your selections and increase your success rate and profit.

It's not a wonder. It's just the power of GoWin!

Performance Highlights:

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Round or short-term performance for in-progress leagues.

Winning tips - High hit rate!


Season or long-term winning betting tips. Historical results.

 -Czech R.
 -England PL
 -England Conference
 -France 2
 -Finland L1
 -Germany 1
 -Greece 1
 -Greece 2
 -Hungary 1
 -Italy A
 -Italy B
 -Italy Pro 1A
 -Italy Pro 1B
 -Netherlands 1
 -Netherlands 2
 -Spain 1
 -Portugal 1
 -Russia 1
 -Turkey 1
 -Ukraine 1
 -Euro 2012
 -England PL
 -England L2
 -England Conference
 -France 2
 -Finland L2
 -Germany 1
 -Greece 1
 -Netherlands 1
 -Italy A
 -Italy B
 -Italy Pro 1A
 -Scotland PL
 -Serbia 1
 -Spain 1
 -Spain 2
 -Bulgaria 1
 -Ireland Rep.
 -Peru L1
 -Romania L1
 -Scotland PL
 -South Africa PSL
 -Serbia L1
 -Singapore L1
 Austria-Austria League 1
 Austria-Austria League 2
 Soccer-Croatia Division 1
 -England Premier League
 Netherlands-Netherlands Division 1
 Italian Football-Italy Serie A
 Italian Football-Italy Serie B
 -Peru L1
 -Russia L1
 -Spain Primera Division
 -Serbia L1
 -Switzerland Div 1
 -Ukraine L1
 -Wales L1
Austria-Austria L1
-Germany Erste Bundesliga
-Greece Superleague
-England Premier League
-England Conference
-Peru D1
-Poland Div 1
-Portugal SL
-Russia L1
-Romania L1
-Singapore L1
-Slovakia Division 1
-South Korea L1
-Switzerland Div 1
-Turkey SL
-England Premier League
-Scotland Premier League
-Scotland L1
-Scotland L2
-Germany Bundesliga
Soccer-Croatia Division 1
-Hungary Division 1
-Slovakia Division 1
-Singapore SLeague
-Wales PL
-Cyprus Div1
-Bulgaria Division 1
-Turkey SuperLig
 -Euro 2008 Finals
Italian Football-Italy Serie A
Dutch football-Netherlands Division 1
Austria-Austria Division 1
-Austria Division 2
-Argentina Primera
-Greece SuperLeague
-Singapore L 1
-Denmark Super Liga
-Egypt SoccerL
Soccer-Croatia Div. 1
-Russia L1
-Romania L1
-Wales Premier
-Portugal SuperLiga
  World Cup 2006 Performance

 -Italy Serie A

 -Netherlands Division 1

 -Germany 1.Bundesliga

 -Germany 2.Bundesliga

 -Greece SuperLeague

 -England Premier League

 -Scotland Premier League

  -Ireland Eircom Premier 2006

 -Cyprus Div1

 -Switzerland Div 1

 -Serbia Division 1

 -Israel Ligat Al



Euro 2008 - Qualifiers


- All the Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G


World Cup Qualifying


 World Cup 2006 Qualifying - Europe

 World Cup 2006 Qualifying - Africa

 -Group 3

 -Group 4

 -Group 6

 -Group 7

 -Group 8

 -Group 1

 -Group 4

 -Group 5

World Cup 2006 Qualifying - America

World Cup 2006 Qualifying - Asia




 -Group 1

Older Football Seasons

 Africa  Europe

 -Nigeria Premier

 -Tunisia L1

 Soccer bets-Egypt L1

 -Northern Ireland Premier League

 -Greece SuperLeague

 -Cyprus L1

 -Austria Bundesliga

 -Belgium Div1

 -Scotland Premiership

 -Norway Tippeligaen

 -Romania L1

 -Netherlands Eredividsie

 -Denmark SuperLiga


 Asia  America
 -Singapore Soccer League  -Argentina

The first rounds (generally 1-4) are for tuning. The number of rounds needed for tuning is varying from league to league, especially depending on the number of teams which play in the league.

The matches correctly predicted are  highlighted in red.


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