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  Do not take candy from strangers! Predictions predators on the internet! For that reason you should be very afraid!

  Beware of the free predictions/ free betting tips! In fact these are much costlier than you think!

 Beware of the paid predictions generated with a 'mysterious magic software' which in fact  doesn't exist. GoWin!The Football Forecaster exists and will be yours forever.

 Beware of those sites which offer betting predictions or betting software and at the same time they have ads for bookmakers. They get paid commissions from bookmakers when you lose.

 Beware of the complicated mathematical theories presented for a betting software! The most of them are false and are based on the end-user inexperience. In fact, a good program hides the best algorithms under a very friendly interface! This is what GoWin!The Football Forecaster does.


   We are proud to present you the betting predictions software with the highest accuracy on the market!
If this accuracy level doesn’t satisfy you, you should stop looking for football predictions software anymore! There is no higher rate on the market!

   We guarantee that all demo predictions are real.

All in One – The Complete Tool

GoWin!The Football Forecaster doesn’t mean only predictions. You’ll get a very useful tool that orientates you in making better bets: football results, fixtures, tables, statistics, analyses, match previews, biorhythm & face-to-face analysis all at just one click and in a convenient form.


The performance coefficient is varying among different leagues. GoWin! Smart Engine, our prediction engine, can not predict correctly all the matches (football is not always logical) but it proved to be the best forecaster based on the previous results available on the market. Please inform us if you’ll find a better one (a real one)!

GoWin! predicts correctly all the predictable matches and also points out where a surprise may appear!

Why GoWin!The Football Forecaster has only one method of prediction? Simply! We tested a lot of methods and chosen the best one: an adaptive and auto-learning method, with automatic as well as manual tuning options. There is no need for more methods. We didn't complicate the program just to seem more expert.


 GoWin!The Football Forecaster has the best performance/cost ratio.

 Buy a license for 1 year and you will get a very low monthly rate. Pay less and have it for an entire season.

GoWin! is a serious software with a serious scientific research background and that’s why we cannot afford to distribute it freely. Also it was not made by a single person but by a team of specialists.

 Remember about free or 'cheap' predictions: Nothing costs you, nothing you’ll get!

  Remember: If you don't understand a theory presented by a betting software it is not your fault. These are specially made not to be understandable and to catch your eyes.  

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