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Euro 2008 Austria/Switzerland

There is one sure thing: Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland starts with the opening fixture, the first game taking place on 7 June 2008 at Basle's St Jakob Park.

The show of the group stage will begin on Saturday 7 June with the BBC broadcasting the opening match between Switzerland and the Czech Republic at 5.00pm and ITV broadcasting the later match between Portugal and Turkey at 7.45pm.

The final will be shown live from Vienna on BBC One on Sunday 29 June, with highlights on ITV1 later in the evening.

Another sure thing is that with some of the world's best players taking part, there will be an exciting tournament.

But the burning question for all football fans is will my team qualify for the next round of the tournament?

This is how the prediction stands:

European Championship - Group A

Group A


Teams:   Portugal     Czech Rep.      Turkey      Switzerland*

   There are two favorites in Group A: Czech Republic and Portugal. Switzerland did not play the qualifiers, so there are no official matches stats but it has the host team’s chance to qualify in the next phase. Turkey is the outsider of group A.


Euro Cup - Group B

Group B


National Teams:   Germany     Poland      Croatia      Austria*

   Potentially the most closely-contested group from Euro. The statistics show that Croatia should be the winner of Group B. The runner-up could be any of the other three teams: Austria is the host and Germany has the history, but Poland’s team comes with good results and has been in good form in the recent matches.


Group C prediction

Group C


Teams:   Holland     France      Italy      Romania

   The group with the most of the first picks for televisions! Predictions are fraught with danger here however, the World Cup winner, Italy, seems to be the winner but will face a major battle to qualify from one of the hardest groups alongside France, Holland and Romania. Equal chances for the runner-up position for Holland, France and Romania.


Group D - Predictor

Group D


Teams:   Greece     Russia      Sweden      Spain

   A less glamorous group but the fights will still be interesting. With Spain and the former Euro winner, Greece this group has its favorites for the Quarter-finals. Russia and Sweden were not in great shape in qualifications but, let's be frank, football is a game full of surprises and Greece is the most recent ‘Euro’ example.


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