Analyze leagues and matches • Preview of GoWin! Software • The main window of the software includes: leagues, standings, played rounds / next matches and prediction table. • e.g. Premiership Match Preview • Latest results for a team • Predict Soccer Matches • Next matches for a team • Betting Previews • Team official website • Soccer match prediction • See the full stats before the match starts!

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GoWin! Software


Forecast & Stats

 - Analyze - table - forecast.
 - Game preview/ graph.
 - Winning Techniques.
 - Game stats.
 - Head to head.
 - Standings.




Preview GoWin! - Football stats and forecasts


 Analyze & Forecast is the main screen of the program.


Standings, fixtures, predictions and statistics are in the main window.
Complete analysis!


 Teams biorhythm & Face-to-face analysis / Match betting previews


Here is the place for perfecting a detailed analysis, focused on the match level. The graphical presentation of the teams' biorhythms helps you to easily compare the teams, during the whole season.


Selection Techniques



 Statistics for the leagues & teams


The Statistics window gives you the strategic data you need in order to make more profitable bets.


 Football competition / Countries  



This window will provide you data regarding the countries and the competitions included in the Database.


Detailed information and descriptions regarding the leagues and groups (e.g. Champions League groups) included in the Database.







 Print & Save


Print preview for fixtures, standings and forecasts.
 Intelligent designed so even the computer novices can achieve the whole value just from the first click.

 Football Forecast

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