Complete analysis of the matches. • Most frequent results statistics • Accurate predictions of the final results • Check the quality of the predictions with "Performance" • Teams Biorhythm & Face-to-face Teams Comparison.

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Frequently asked questions



I'm a football punter. How will GoWin! help me? 

2 Do I need GoWin! ?
3 Does GoWin! have an automatic updating service or
should I enter manually the fixtures and results?
4 What kind of predictions does GoWin!The Football Forecaster offer?
5 Does the software calculate Under/Over prediction for the football matches?
6 How does GoWin! calculate predictions?
7 Can I check the great prediction accuracy for the played matches?
8 What is the accuracy of the predictions?
9 Help file not displaying any topics.I've downloaded the help file but it won't open.What should I do?
10 Does GoWin!The Football Forecaster offer extra statistics?
11 What does Confidence mean? Can GoWin! predict surprise results?
12 Does a higher value of the Confidence coefficient for a certain team mean that the team is favourite to win the match?
13 What languages is the program available in? Can I have it in my own language?
14 Which operating systems does GoWin! software support?
15 How to install GoWin!The Football Forecaster in order to start using its full functionality?
16 I want to reinstall GoWin!, I have downloaded the setup program but it won’t accept my license keys. How should I proceed? I’ve lost my license. How can I recover it?
17 What is the difference between the demo version and the registered version?
18 How much does it cost and how can I pay for a license? Are there any hidden or additional fees?
19 Is it safe to purchase GoWin! The Football Forecaster over the Internet?
20 Why purchasing a license for 1 year is more advantageous? What’s the difference between the three plans?
21 If I buy the software, for how long will I be able to use it?
22 On how many computers can I use a single license?
23 Is this software suitable for any football league from the entire world?
24 Can I use GoWin! on a Mac computer?
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1. With GoWin!The Football Forecaster you can make a complete analysis of the matches, teams and leagues you want to bet on. You have at just one click tables, results, team biorhythm, statistics and, of course, accurate forecasts made by the famous Football Forecaster Engine used by GoWin!. Based on the data provided by the program, you can easily find the most fit for your system teams, matches and leagues. You can create or refine your selection of matches in order to ensure the highest winning probability. In other words, you will be a completely oriented punter, with significantly more chances to win.

2. If any of the below statements apply to you then it is exactly what you need and you have all chances to join the great group of GoWin!’s happy users:
-You like football and like betting – they are your hobby or passion.
-You are a professional punter or an amateur that wants to become professional.
-Want to improve your chances by analysis and good prediction.
-Want to tip the profit/loss balance in favour of profit.
-Placed at least one bet before and looking for improving your technique.
-Looking for a diversity of leagues and matches in order to choose the most fit for purpose ones.
-Want a deeper analysis on a certain league or team.
-You want to enter into the betting world with more chances right from the start, and to keep your head up in front of the most experienced and the most successful punters.
-You know that luck always plays its role but it can be well trained by knowledge and science thus minimizing the hazard.
-You know that building something of value, durable, requires good tools and always want to add a good tool to your betting arsenal.

While we understand that everybody wants to win and GoWin! is a tool that definitely increases the chances to win there are certain circumstances when the program may simply not be suitable and when we do not encourage you to buy or use it.

If any of the below statements apply to you then it is not what you are looking for:
-You are not a punter, never placed a bet and do not intend to turn this into a hobby or passion, just need money.
-You like neither football nor betting but want to make some easy money.
-You want to get rich fast and easy – while this is not impossible and may occasionally happen, the program is definitely neither fit nor designed for this purpose.
-You think that with the help of the program you will never lose any bet anymore - that's definitely an ambitious goal and we like ambitious people but this will not be possible even with the help of this excellent tool. Football cannot always be tamed by logic and sometimes it simply happens to lose. The program, however, will definitely be an important assistant that will guide you closer to success.

3. No more headaches from manual updating! We will do this hard work. You just have to download from our site the Deluxe Database, containing fixtures, the latest results and information.

4. GoWin!The Football Forecaster offers you practically proven very accurate predictions of the final results (1,X,2 as well as probabilities for each possible outcome) and of the final scores. It also offers the results occurrence probabilities for each match as well as the very interesting coefficient of the team’s fluctuation/constancy. So you will be informed which team has constant behaviour and which team hasn't. This is useful for predicting surprise results.

5. Yes, it does. The program’s prediction engine calculates the most likely score so it can be used for Under/Over bets as well. Also, there are available very useful statistics regarding the number of goals scored in a league and by each team, which will definitely add value to your decisions. Having a strong scientific base, your Under/Over bets will be more safe.

6. This is the business of the famous GoWin! SMART Engine: based on highly complex mathematical algorithms specifically developed by our team, it proved to be one of the best betting forecaster in a long practice. Due to its high and fast capacity of self-learning of different behaviours and patterns it is extremely adaptable and accurate thus providing excellent results in a very large range of input conditions.

7. Yes, of course. There is a very simple way to check the quality of the predictions: Simply select the period you want to check for and click on the button "Performance". The matches correctly predicted will be highlighted in red. You should take a look at "Fast statistics", too. We wish you "a lot of red"!

8. You can find on the website at the Performance section short samples directly taken from the program from the current seasons as well as more relevant long-term samples for different seasons and leagues. The first rounds (due to learning period) and the last rounds (sometimes, due to lack of motivation) should not be taken into account.
This is the overall performance which means that that level of performance is achieved without any additional study or selection based on your knowledge or on statistics.
While this makes an excellent starting point, the program also offers a wide range of statistics that provide a great way to effectively refine your selections and thus to increase once again your winning chances.

9. On certain systems, the .chm help files downloaded separately from the Internet need to be unblocked. To fix this issue in Windows XP or Vista, right-click on the CHM file (gowinhelp.chm), select Properties, and then click on the "Unblock" button. Click "Apply" to show the content. If you have Windows 7 or newer, unchecking the "Always ask before opening this file" check box from the "Open File - Security Warning" error message box that appears when opening the chm file should resolve the issue. Alternatively, to open the manual, you can start the programme and then press F1.

10. Just like a pro: in addition to the precise predictions provided, in order to complete your overview needed to make a professional bet, GoWin!The Football Forecaster gives you the possibility to easily compare all the leagues and teams on several key aspects such as: Goals (Overall, Home, Away), type of the most frequent result (1,X,2) etc..
Use these data to select the best and the most appropriate competitions and teams for the desired type of bet: for example, choose low scoring leagues and teams  for Under 2.5 bets or bet on X  only where frequent draws happen and this will really make the difference once again. Also, Teams Biorhythm & Face-to-face Analysis is the ideal place to compare the teams for any desired match.

11. Confidence is a unique and very interesting coefficient of the fluctuation/constancy of the behaviour of each team. It will tell you which team is statistically expected to have a constant behaviour in the near future (a higher value) and which team is statistically expected to have a fluctuating behaviour in the near future (a lower value). While higher values for both teams mean safer bets, a lower coefficient for one or both teams is a sign that a surprise result is more likely to happen.

12.The values in the Confidence columns are not intended to show which team is stronger and which team is weaker. They will tell you about how predictable are their behaviours at some point. The higher these coefficients are the safer the prediction will be. A lower value for a certain team or for both teams means that the teams are prone to surprise results and, despite what the prediction says, a surprise result is very likely to happen in that match, advising you to take action accordingly.

13. Until now GoWin!The Football Forecaster is available in English, French, Italian, German, Greek, Turkish, Portuguese and Spanish. If you want to have GoWin! in your language you can offer as a volunteer to translate the program. For this, you should contact us for downloading the messages file _MYLANGUAGE. Translate this file and send it back to us by email as an attachment, in the same format.

14. GoWin! The Football Forecaster runs on Windows systems.
To ensure its full compatibility, before any release, the program is thoroughly tested. You can also run it on any Apple Mac computer with OS X and Windows installed through Boot Camp.

15. Installing and configuring GoWin! full version is very simple: download and run the setup program gowindeluxesetup.exe, and follow the installation wizard. Once installed, enter the license keys received by email. Then download the latest Deluxe Database and set up the program to use it. That’s all – you are ready to start using all the capabilities of this high-tech football prediction software.
In order to make sure that you will be able to easily install and configure the program, together with the licensing information, you will also receive detailed yet simple step by step instructions. If you need help, you can also contact our Support Department.

16. If you need to reinstall the program, you should use the version received together with your licence. Other versions may not work with your licence. If you do not have it anymore or have lost your license, then you may contact us to get help for recovering the lost program or data. For the first month this recovery service is free of charge. After the first month a fee may apply. That’s why it is always recommended to make backup copies of both the setup program and licensing data.

17. The Demo version has limited functionality. It allows you to see if it installs correctly on the specific configuration of your machine as well as its capabilities and some samples of its highest performance from several leagues. To take advantage of its performance and capabilities you should register it by purchasing a license for the full version.

18.You can pay by card, bank transfer, check or Paypal. Please check out this page for more details:
On this page you can see the corresponding monthly cost for each plan. For the 6 month and longer plans there will be a single upfront payment for the entire period and the full price will be shown at checkout. Where applicable and required by law, your country’s sales tax (VAT) will be automatically added at checkout. There will not be any additional or hidden fees required to use the software.

19. Purchasing the program is completely safe. Guaranteed. It is even safer, simpler and more convenient and comes with more guarantees than purchasing it from a physical shop.
You will purchase your licence from our authorized global reseller ShareIt! (since 2005), which is a well-known leader worldwide accredited in selling digital goods such as software on the Internet. Accordingly, we do not store, nor do we have access to any of your credit card or other means of payment details.

20. The 1 year plan has a very low monthly cost. Overall, it is more advantageous because there is a single payment processing fee instead of 12 and also because it includes a good discount for subscribing and upfront payment for a longer period. Pay less and have it for the whole season!
Practically, in terms of functionality, there is no difference between the available plans.

21. You can use it as long as you have an active subscription. You can pay and use the software application on a monthly, every 6 months, yearly or every 2 years basis. We do not have a lifetime plan. You can cancel your subscription anytime before the end of the subscription cycle. If not cancelled, it will automatically renew for a new cycle.

22. Technically, one licence can only work on a single machine. If you need to occasionally change the computer such as because of hardware failure or simply because you purchased a new computer, just contact our Support team and we will be happy to help you move the licence. If you need it on two computers you need two separate licences. You can purchase a second licence at a discounted price if both licences are purchased at the same time.

23.Yes, of course. You can have any competition in the world, for example you can have national leagues at any level (first, second,.., youth), cup competitions, as well as world championships, continental competitions such as: World Cup, EURO, CONCACAF, Champions League, Europa League etc.. We are always interested in offering the most popular leagues, according to the user preferences. If your favourite league is not currently covered you should ask for it at Leagues by request.

24.Yes, you can install GoWin! on your Mac computer. You can use Apple’s Boot Camp, VirtualBox or other similar program to install Windows on Mac, in addition to the default OS X system. Then, you can install GoWin! just like on any regular Windows machine.


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