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Football Competitions

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GoWin! Software Guide:
Predictions for football matches


An easy way to get accurate tips for betting on football competitions: English Premier League, Championship, League One & Two, NL as well as on almost all major European leagues. Everything match by match, day by day!

Football prediction software tutorial.

The main window of GoWin! Software, Analyze & Forecast has 6 main zones:
1/ All the available competitions.
2/ Table.
3/ Rounds (played and forthcoming)
4/ All the matches of a team (results / next matches). To see all the matches of a team, double click on a team in the League Table.

5/ Statistics regarding the football tips.
6/ Predictions / Performance table.
General Settings

> Change Odds Format: European – EU (decimal), British - UK (fractional) or American - US format.
> Switch between Full Time (FT) /Half Time (1H) /2nd Half (2H) mode: All the predictions, statistics and other data will be calculated and displayed according to the selected mode.

First steps to get football betting tips with GoWin! Software

> To calculate the predictions: select the desired time interval in the future and click on the 'Prediction' button.
> To see the past results: select the desired time interval in the past and click on the 'Performance' button.

Predictions for Premier League:
1/ Select the desired competition. E.g. in the Leagues frame open England > Premier League.
2/ Choose the date when the matches will be played and check the option 'Sel League'.
3/ Click on the 'Prediction' button to get the tips.

Prediction table

I.   The date when the matches play.
II.  Options:

 > Sel League - to calculate the predictions for the selected league or country or for all the leagues.
 > Confidence - to calculate the confidence that you should have in betting on a certain match.
 > Flash - to predict the matches that are not scheduled in the database.
 > Sorting options - right-click in the table.

III.  Prediction button.
IV.  Predictions table:

1. Competition and round.
2. Teams Biorhythm & Face-to-face Analysis.
3. Matches: Home Team - Guest Team
4. Probabilities % 1X2 - The probability of the outcome of a match to be 1, X or 2.
5. 1X2.
6. Predicted result.
7. Confidence - the values that will signal the surprise results as well as the safest bets.
 > Higher values for both teams mean safer bets!
 > A lower coefficient for one or both teams is a sign that a surprise result is more likely to happen.
A choppy or whipsaw unstable history of results will automatically be reflected in a low Confidence value.
Right-click in the table to order the matches by Match Confidence (i.e. aggregate Confidence). The safest predictions will be displayed at the top of the table.

8. 1X2 odds, displayed in the selected format: EU, UK or US

V.   Predictions stats.

VI.  'Who will win?' - to estimate the final standings and calculate the 'Team Power', i.e. the chances of each team to win the league – in Fast Statistics box.

VII. Fine-tune:

There are 3 ways to improve the settings and finely-tune the prediction engine in order to get better results - more winning tips:  fixed, automatic and manual fine tune.
1X2 Contrast - use this function to adapt the number of doubles and trebles according to your betting needs. You may reduce it while the tips hit-rate remains very good or increase it for a safer level of the predictions.

VIII. Dropping odds:

There are three ways to see and work dropping odds:
1. Right click in the Prediction table and Order the matches by Odds movement.
2. Via the message displayed when you move the mouse over the odds in Prediction table.
3. Create a technique - see the Odds movement parameters.

Software performance

Use this option to select the best competitions and find the best settings for your desired type of bets.

The winning tips are highlighted in red!

Before choosing certain competitions, it is recommended to check their Performance for both long-term (e.g. last 3 months or more) and short-term (e.g. last month or less).

I.   Button to check the performance.
II.  Best Choice! - option to easily find the best leagues for various types of bets.
III. Performance.

1. Competition and round.
2. Teams Biorhythm and Face-to-Face Analysis.
3. Games: home team and away team.
4. Probabilities for 1X2: - reveal how many chances there are for the match outcome to be 1, X or 2.
5. 1X2 tips.
6. Predicted score.
7. Confidence.
8. Real score of the match.
9. Odds.

IV. Performance stats.

> How to get the best competitions with “Best Choice!”:
 1. Select the desired time interval in the past: e.g. last week, last month or last 3 months
 2. Uncheck “Sel. league” (to get the Performance for all leagues) and click on the “Performance” button.
 3. Use “Best Choice!”.

> Tips

It is recommended to use the "Best Choice!" option to find the best competitions: with the highest performance for bets on normal result or with lower performance for bets on surprise result.
Then use the "Confidence" values to select the best matches from the selected competitions: higher for bets on normal result or lower for bets on surprise result.
Normally, the extreme values must be analysed with caution or avoided.


An extremely powerful engine that will bring your daily valuable tips in just one click.

Simply apply the default techniques or define, test and apply your own selection techniques.
A good starting point in defining new techniques is studying the pattern of the clearest past matches successfully predicted.

> To apply techniques:
Calculate Performance/Prediction.
Select the desired technique(s) and click Apply or Apply selected.
The matches that fit the criteria will appear in the Prediction table.

> To create a technique:
Calculate Performance.
Select the desired criteria and click Apply.
If it has good results, enter a name and click Save.
To ensure the technique works in the long term, test it over a long period of time (e.g. 1 year) with the help of Performance. To save the new performance or any other change click Update.

> Note:
The parameters marked with percentage sign % are percentage parameters and not absolute values. e.g. Standings > Places 0-20% means the first 20% teams in league standings. In a league with 20 teams, 0-20% means places 1-4. 80-100% means places 16-20.
For Statistics reference values, take a look at the corresponding figures shown in the Statistics window.
All the calculations are based on single bets with the recommended stake percentage of the current bankroll.

> Creating new techniques. Limitless possibilities.
Creating new techniques profitable over the long term is quite a tricky yet very rewarding and enjoyable task. The possibilities are limitless.
To get a good margin of profit, try not to base the technique too much on both teams' full-season statistics, because the odds use the same statistical base. The plain statistics can be used but not too much and not alone. It is better to be more dynamic, and limit to last n matches, or to last n days, or add more restrictions only to one team and more relaxed parameters for the other team or even add additional indirect parameters.

> Tips
For the best long-term results it is recommended to use the optimum stake percentage calculated by each technique separately, after testing it over a long period of time via Performance. To see the technique name and stake for each selected match, click in the Prediction table and move the mouse over the Tip column:

For lower bankroll fluctuation, you can also use a smaller stake. The long term results will be lower too, but still very good.
When defining a new technique, it is best to select just a few criteria. One may not be enough, too many or contradictory criteria may drastically reduce the number of selected matches.
The Bankroll growth is influenced by 2 main factors: Return and Number of won matches (i.e. successful betting cycles). The more constant the bankroll growth (see the graph), the better the technique.
Selecting the best odds available will make a huge difference. Getting higher odds with only 0.05 (e.g. from 1.52 to 1.57 or 1.70 to 1.75) can lead in the long term to increasing the bankroll even by 100 times!!!


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