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Automatic selection based on thousands of parameters, including market, match and team statistics • Select the best matches and tips of the day with the ease of a button click • Test and optimize your strategies • Bankroll increase and optimum stake • Analytical Power to destroy the bookies!

GoWin! has two extremely powerful engines: Prediction and Techniques.

Incredibly simple for beginners, very deep complexity for analytical people!

Practically, in addition to the fantastic accuracy of the Prediction engine, we use thousands of parameters, including odds movement to select the best matches of the day. In just a few clicks!

GoWin! Techniques
Simple and Complex.
Fantastic and Awesome!
No more hard work in Excel!

It is the most complex automatic match selection engine that will make it simple for you. Thousands of parameters and values, limitless possibilities. Predefined techniques. Always accurate calculation based on actual odds.

What's the difference?

The Prediction engine ensures accurate estimations based on almost all possible known sport criteria. The Techniques engine will select matches based on thousands of statistical criteria and will help you to test any strategy you may think about.
This is also the place where Prediction accuracy meets Odds movement. Or, in other words, the sport criteria face subjective criteria outside football. This adds a new and better dimension to match selection.

How do the Techniques work?

They act as a filter applied to the current list of matches. Calculate Prediction or Performance, select the technique and click Apply. As simple as that.
If you wish to apply more than one at the same time, select them all and click “Apply Selected”.
The analytical POWER is incredible and the results are BETTER and SAFER.

In just a few clicks!

But wait, there’s more!

You can test your ideas and create your own selection strategy using a very large database with almost half million matches currently.

You now have the Analytical Power to destroy the bookies.