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Average and Maximum Odds • Market tendencies • Opening, current and closing prices • Selection and analysis based on movement and value range • You now have the Atomic Power to beat the bookies! •

GoWin! Accuracy + Odds Movement = Perfect Results

You now have the Atomic Power to destroy the bookies.

  The Techniques is the place where Prediction accuracy meets Market reality.
  We use special patterns to filter out football matches where the sport criterion is not the main criterion to determine the final result.
  In just a few clicks!

Dropping and Rising odds - what's all about?

They show how the betting market changes. Their level will always reflect how people bet. If some or many people bet in total a large amount of money on the same result, the odds will drop. The bookmakers will always be interested to balance the potential payout for all possible outcomes and keep these values as close as possible.
They are interested to ensure this equality:

This is how they calculate the odds.

As a parallel, your bet is the merchandise and the odds are the prices offered by bookies to buy it. When there is an abundance of a certain type of merchandise, the prices for it fall down.

What do these values show?

If the drop is significant, it means that someone(s) staked in total a very large amount of money on that result. Sometimes it can tell something, maybe those who bet have information on this.
Small variations are normal and have no special significance. Actually they, may still carry information and tell that, most likely, no special foreknown event will happen.
On the other hand, a rise will bring a higher margin of profit.
Generally speaking, sharp falls or increases are usually based on certain information. The information can come from insiders, newspapers, television or renowned football analysts or influencers or can simply be based on the wisdom of crowd.
Of course, this information may be subjective and may not be always correct. Therefore it is important to combine it with your objective analysis and GoWin!’s accurate prediction calculation. This way the results will become much better.

How can we take advantage of this?

Most of the default Techniques available in the programme already use this parameter. Practically, in addition to the fantastic accuracy of the prediction engine and in addition to the thousands of sport criteria available in Techniques, we use rising and dropping odds patterns to filter out matches where the sport criterion is not the main criterion to determine the final result.
This brings an incredible POWER and the results are CLOSE TO PERFECTION.
In just a few clicks!

But wait, there’s more!

1. You can create and test your own selection technique.
2. If you like to manually analyse and select matches, here is a simple strategy based on GoWin! accuracy and dropping odds:
Run a Performance test and see how nicely it filtered the good matches and brought them at the top of the table. It worked so well last week. Create a Technique to select only 1 predictions and then order the matches by Odds movement "1" ascending. Obviously more correct predictions are concentrated at the top of the table.

You now have the Atomic Power to destroy the bookies!