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Why would you need a football software? Get in a fast way tips for your favourite competitions! • Various score prediction methods. • Analyze the bookmaker odds and make the right picks!

Why choose us?
GoWin! The Football Forecaster

Why Use Software?

It's the digital age and software is successfully used today in every aspect of our life, including in predicting future events or behaviours: from social or medical prognosis to accurate weather forecasting or even to bookmakers’ odds forecasting.

Yes, the bookmakers are using software to predict matches and calculate their odds. They do not use mediums or crystal ball gazers like in the old days, not even great footballers or renowned football trainers; just software, algorithms, statistics, knowledge and science. This is where their tremendous advantage (i.e. profit) comes from.

Fighting with bare hands against bookmakers is an immense handicap for any punter, no matter how skilful you are. Consistent, long-term profits can be made only using high-quality dedicated software like GoWin!, definitely able to outcompete the bookmakers.

GoWin! Software

We are proud to present you the football prediction software with the highest accuracy on the market! If this accuracy level doesn’t satisfy you, you should stop looking for predictions! There is no higher rate on the market!

There are more than 20 years of expertise and improvements in the background and 15 years of successful online presence.

Independent for more than two decades

On a market bought and bribed by bookmakers, where almost every single prediction is sponsored by bookies, we have been keeping our independence. Always refused any such offer, remained independent and passionate and relied solely on us and our happy users. And we have been doing this for more than two decades now.

All in One – The Complete Tool

GoWin! The Football Forecaster doesn’t mean only predictions. You’ll get a very useful tool definitely able to assist you in making better bets: comprehensive statistics, analyses, results, fixtures, tables, match previews, biorhythm & face-to-face analysis all at just one click and in a convenient form.

High Performance

While no one can predict correctly all the matches (football is not always logical), GoWin! Smart Engine, the engine behind the program, proved to be the best forecaster available on the market. Please inform us if you’ll find a better one (a real one)!

GoWin! predicts correctly all the predictable matches and also accurately points out where a surprise result may appear!

Up-to-date diversity

We work every day and update hundreds of competitions from almost every country. Given the high performance of the prediction engine and the diversity of the available leagues, there will always be very nice opportunities for any punter and system.

Unrivalled accuracy

Achieving high performance in forecasting is not an easy challenge. It takes time, effort and knowledge. Over the years, we have been designing and testing a lot of methods and algorithms. Now, after more than 20 years of research and tweaks on millions of matches, we have the best one: an adaptive and auto-learning algorithm, with automatic as well as manual tuning options. There is no need for more methods. We didn't complicate the program just to seem more expert.

Unrivalled complexity intertwined with simplicity of use

We went way beyond simple predictions. We built a unique and limitless selection and testing system based on thousands parameters. There is no other tool to provide such complexity. Intertwined with the simplicity of use!

Focus on Results!

Betting is nice but winning is nicer. The hundreds of national and international competitions available every year in the database come with clear performance and accuracy indicators for many popular types of bets so that you will always have at hand the best choices.


GoWin! The Football Forecaster has the best performance/cost ratio.

Get a monthly subscription for more flexibility or a year's license for a very low monthly rate. Pay less and use it for an entire season!

GoWin! is a serious project with a serious scientific research background and that’s why we cannot afford to distribute it freely. Also, it is not made and maintained by a single person but by a team of specialists.

Why pay when I can get free predictions?

Actually, nothing is free. There is no charity in this industry. All free predictions are sponsored by bookmakers. Just look around for relevant ads or links and stay away. This is definitely not what you need. If you want quality coming from both passion and knowledge then, it takes time and efforts so, it has a price and you have to pay for it.


Do not take candy from strangers! Predictions predators on the internet! For that reason you should be very afraid! While there are reliable resources on the Internet maintained by passionate people, you should also take into account some warning signs:

Beware of those sites which offer betting predictions, software or systems and at the same time they have ads for bookmakers. They get paid commissions from bookmakers when you lose. So there is an obvious conflict of interests there: you lose, they win; you win, they lose. So they only want you to lose.

Beware of the free predictions / free betting tips! Nothing is free and this is true in this industry as well. In fact they are much costlier than you think! Why? Free predictions are sponsored by bookmakers. Just look for relevant ads nearby. The conclusion is yours.

Beware of ‘fixed matches’, ‘sure games’ and paid tips generated with ‘mysterious magic software’ or by so-called professional tipsters, which in fact do not exist. While there may be well meaning people, you never know what they use and there is no profession like that. On the other hand, GoWin! exists, is a great application and will be yours forever.

Beware of the complicated mathematical theories presented for a betting software or system! The most of them are false and are based on the end-user inexperience. In fact, a good program hides the best algorithms under a very friendly interface! This is what we do.